This waterfall is located 120 km to the west of Isfahan city.It's close to a small town called Kord-e-Olya . It forms because of  melting snow of the Dalan Kooh summits. The water is about 50 meter height.
Khor salt lake is located on a small town in Isfahan province called Khor and Biabanak,this is actually the reason why it’s called so.The famous desert in Iran know as Mesr desert is near this salt lake.Therefore,it’s also called Mesr salt lake and know as the biggest salt lake in Iran.When we speak about lakes […]
If you are traveling to Iran and have a plan to visit Kashan,don’t forget to visit Niasar a small town near Kashan with a wonderful nature and historical attractions.One of the most beautiful attraction which draws the attention of lots of tourists and locals every year,is an amazing waterfall known as Abashar park or Niasar […]
Ab Malakh waterfall Ab Malakh waterfall is in a small village in Semirom which a small district in south of  Isfhahn province where is well known for it’s high quality apples.The waterfall is formed by a massive rock in the middle of  the river connecting two sides of the valley together and acting also as […]
About Sofeh mountain Sofeh is a mountain nearby Isfahan, a city in central Iran. In fact, it’s part of the city located in the south part and can be seen from every point of the city. The mountain and the area around is covered with green zones and some entertainment infrastructures such as cable car, […]
The origins of the river Zayanderud river or Zendeh Rood which literally means ‘productive or alive river” (the word rud in Farsi refers to river) is a river in Isfahan province which  Starts its 200 km long journey from a mount range in western part of Iranian plateau called Zagros mount range. Where the river […]