Introducing Varzaneh

Generally speaking,tourists visit Varzanhe to see the sand dunes but the fact is that sand dunes should not be the only reason attracting you to see this town.Firs of all to see this town you don’t need to change your travel plan,if you’re going to Yazd from Isfahan or vice versa,on you way you can have 1 day stop and see this wonderful town which has a lot more to offer than what you can imagine,you want to know what ? keep reading this article then.

Isfahan is a big province in central Iran,because of it’s being in the center of Iran,it has different climate in every corner,for example in  the west of Isfahan we have Zagrus mountain range where we have averagely cold weather,on the contrary,in the east we have a vast desert area called Dashte Kavir.In this area average temrature is much higer and warmer compared with the west.Different climate means different culture and style of living too,as a result,we have a totally different people in this area in terms of culture,life style and architecture as well.

Located in eastern Isfahan 240km away from Yazd, in a desert like climate,with the a population of 14,000 Varzaneh is considered as oasis town where you can see green area of farming lands next to an incredible desert with giant sand dunes and a wonderful salt lake.Simply,Varzaneh can fulfill you’re dreams of seeing and whatever you expect from a desert.

Desert of varzaneh

There are a number of exciting entertainment in the Varzaneh desert you can enjoy, although the largest desert recreation site in Varzaneh has provided a great place for tourists to enter this area. In this section, we will introduce recreations of the Varzaneh Desert.Another recreation of Varzaneh desert is riding camels. This recreation can bring about the experience of the native living atmosphere in the past for you.

This desert has high ramps and is very suitable for sand riding. To do this, you can use the boards in the residences that they rent them to tourists. Off-roading is also another type of Varzaneh desert recreation. Due to the presence of sand, only SUV cars can move in these areas.

A flat area of salt where is sometimes covered with water of rain is another attraction located just nearby the sandy area,besides,there is also a wetland formed by a river called  Zayandeh rud  which also crosses Isfahan before reaching Varzaneh, is another notable part of the town where you can see an ecosystem living in types of different birds.This wetland is a suitable habitat for flamingos,therefore,it’s a very fantastic place for people who love birds and watching them in their natural habitats.Having all these diversity in a small area of nearly 40km makes Varzaneh a very unique place for tourists and local travelers.In this picture below,you can see sand dunes in the distance and the wetland with the river.

People of Varzaneh

Varzaneh is as old as oldest cities of Iran and it has roots deep into the history of Iran.Therefore,there are many historical sites in this small town including a Jameh mosque with almost 600 years old history and historical houses belonging to old times politicians like the house of Yosofi. Pigeons towers are also very common in Varzaneh and there is also one of them in the town which is very well-kept and looks very complex compared with others.Because of neighboring Yazd,the origin of Zoroastrianisms,it also has a trace of this religion in it’s culture.For an instance,the women in this town wear a white Chadur despite the common black one in the country.

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