Khor Salt Lake

Khor Salt Lake

Khor salt lake is located on a small town in Isfahan province called Khor and Biabanak,this is actually the reason why it’s called so.The famous desert in Iran know as Mesr desert is near this salt lake.Therefore,it’s also called Mesr salt lake and know as the biggest salt lake in Iran.When we speak about lakes the very first thing that comes to our mind is a big surface covered with water which can always be deep enough to drown people into itself,but salt lakes are different,they are usually a large flat area covered with salty soil and most of the times with out even any water inside.

How salt lakes are formed ?

Salt lakes are mostly located in low altitude areas and Mesr salt lake has the same story.Salt lakes are large flat areas with low altitudes and usually located in a hot and non-humid climates.The presence of salt in the soil of these kind of climates is much higher that anywhere else,as a result,when it rains,the water formed by the rainfall washes away the salt and directs it towards the low lands forming a shallow and salty lake exposed to a very hot temperature causing a rapid evaporation which results in bringing up the salt and scattering it all over the soil creating a large area of a withe looking scenery with strange shapes of randomly created polygons.

Why we can walk on the surface of the salt lake even when it’s filled with water ?

After years of repeating the same thing we mention above,layers of salt piled over one another and as the solid salt can be very hard when we step on the surface of a salt lake,we never get sunk into it even for a few centimeters.

Why do we need to visit such things ?

Slat lakes are vast and flat.Therefore,you can enjoy watching this landscape with the special polygon patterns that they have. A salt lake is a wonderful place for viewing the sunset and sunrise.When they are covered with water,the light is mostly reflected creating a wonderful view of the sky above reflected into the water  with those amazing polygons on the surface which can be a spectacular subject for photographing too.The nights are also very beautiful in salt lakes,the clear night sky with stars reflected into the salt lake creates an incomparable landscape which is defiantly worth visiting.


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